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Still Tracking NDIS Funding Using A Spreadsheet? Read This.

If you’re still using a spreadsheet or Excel to track NDIS expenditure, you could be putting you or your client at risk of under or overspending their NDIS budget.

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The NDIS price guide is updated frequently and smart providers are now using custom-designed software or tools to help them stay on top of the most recent changes to prices and rules for accessing supports.

My Spending Planner has been purpose-built for the NDIS. It is a provider-agnostic tool and cloud-based, which means a participant or provider can access it (via a subscription) and easily transition between providers, taking the data and service history with them.

In comparison, some other products are only available while the participant uses the provider’s support coordination or other services.

As a provider, My Spending Planner enables greater transparency and efficiency in managing multiple client plans and budgets. The pricing tool is updated in real time to reflect the most up to date NDIS pricing guide and all participant plans can be replicated, saving you time across all times.

Even the most sophisticated Excel spreadsheet can be difficult to administer when dealing with highly complex NDIS plans.

My Spending Planner not only makes the task of administering these plans easier and more streamlined – it’s a pleasure to use and makes preparing reports ahead of planning meetings a breeze.

And because the tool is automatically updated with the latest NDIS data, your clients have peace of mind knowing at a glance that My Spending Planner accurately reflects their funding position at a point in time.

The tool also enables easy modelling of alternative scenarios – for example, the impact of substituting different items under the core funding category – so that it aids decision-making and supports each NDIS participant to be empowered to make informed decisions about their supports.

To find out more about how My Spending Planner can help you better manage your NDIS budgets for your clients, contact the team for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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