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My Spending Planner


Achieve 100% utilisation of a Participants Plan

So how does it work?

My Spending Planner builds a budgeting solution by:

  • selecting items from the NDIS price guide

  • nominating frequency

  • calculating the yearly cost

  • ensuring overspending or more importantly  under spending does not occur

  • maximises the possible services the participant can receive

  • produces a .pdf report which can be saved, emailed or printed


My Spending Planner is essential for service providers and participants.

My Spending Planner tailors a unique combination of services to create a yearly spending budget, to ensure a Participants budget is 100% utilised.

Participants feel empowered and this increases their capacity to manage their own funds.

Providers build positive relationships fostered by collaboration. 

Here's an example of Improved daily living

Who should use My Spending Planner?

Support Coordinators


My Spending Planner can:

  • help you break down a participant’s budget and allocate service providers

  • Give you easy access to the up to date NDIS rates, no cumbersome website to navigate

  • Reduce human error when calculating costings, no more spreadsheets

  • create a  professional looking PDF to be emailed or printed

  • has a standardised framework for creating plans for all your Participants

  • allows for flexibility - the spending plan can be saved or  amended many times

  • can be cloned, no need to create a new plan every time

  • Meets many of the roles and responsibilities of Support Coordinators and can be given to a Participants Plan manager so that they know who will provide the service and what line item to claim the funds.

Multi Service Providers


My Spending Planner:

  • Can be included in Service Agreements where multiple services are detailed and costed including their line item number.

  • Allows you to see funding allocations to different programs in your organisation

  • Will cut down on admin time as a Service Agreement can quickly be developed  for customers who require similar services

  • See all your Participants in one area, with all their Service Agreements neatly filed and easily accessible



My Spending Planner will help:

  • Adults wanting services from a variety of providers

  • Kids who have moved on from their Early Intervention packages and now have supports under several Support Areas

  • Participants without Support Coordination in their packages

  • Participants and carers who are self managing their plans and need to understand which support areas to claim services under

  • Plan managed plans where a costing and list of service providers need to be provided to Plan Managers


  • Simple to use

  • Saves time on cumbersome admin

  • No implementation costs

  • Stored safely in the cloud, transportable

  • Perfect for any sized organisation or individual

Want to see more, get in touch for a demonstration.

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