The partnership between My Spending Planner and the Support Coordination Academy (SCA) grew out of a shared philosophy that all people accessing the NDIS are entitled to positive outcomes and the freedom to live life to the full.


Both teams believe that spending time organsing services and allocating funding should be simple. SCA recognised that the efficiencies gained by using My Spending Planner were significant and they wanted all the support coordinators they train to have access to this amazing new piece of technology.


My Spending Planner is now one of a suite of tools that SCA offers as part of its training.  


Support coordinators using My Spending Planner now have more time to spend working directly with their participants, and participants receive detailed documentation on how their funding can be maximized through their choice of services. It’s a win-win situation.  


With comprehensive training on how to use the technology, you will be creating detailed budgets for your participants in no time. It’s that simple.


By choosing to purchase My Spending Planner through SCA you will become part of a support coordination community that is founded on best practice principles. Join the SCA community of where you can share ideas, increase skills and feel supported.