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Margaret Tully


Accountant, bookkeeper, NDIS Plan Manager and Mother of two crazy boys, one of whom accesses the NDIS. Through the journey of carer, Margaret has met amazing therapists and parents who have helped and guided her and their family along the way. The NDIS has made a positive and successful difference in their lives which has driven Margaret to try and make the experience easier for parents/carers and providers. With her back ground in bookkeeping and finance and fiddling around with spreadsheets,  sparked the development of My Spending Planner with her Sister Sally.

Sally Moore

Sally is a teacher, and a mother with over 30 years working with young children and their families. With a passion for children with learning differences, she moved into the world of early intervention, where she has been working for the past 10 years.  Her personal experience as a carer has given her first hand information on the difficulties of navigating the NDIS, the new skills parents and carers are required to use managing their allocation of funds. Sally is excited to share what she has learned with others. She values quality time with her family and wants the same for all families. Working with her sister to develop My Spending Planner, Sally hopes to give families more time to live life they way they would like to. 

What do others say...

  • It’s the simplicity this has got to save money, small to medium organisations need to get costs down, this would help them

  • It is easy to see how much money there is and how much left. I will have my money spent by the end of the year

  • It’s so quick

  • When sitting with a parent you can bounce ideas around, that’s a win

  • You’ve got all the different rates there, weekends are there

  • If I was thinking as a parent of a kid, it’s all been done so quickly, it’s not such an onerous task and if your speechie goes on holidays for 4 weeks you can quickly add that money to another service

  • I like the fact it’s not really busy, It’s very simple and pleasing to the eye

  • I like it. It is visually clear for me that’s a bonus. It’s logical and sensible.

  • Sitting next to someone (using MSP) would be comforting or reassuring, feeling I’m doing this right and I’m feeling confident we have this sorted out and we can spend all the money

  • It’s as worthwhile to me as windows

Jenny - participant since 2016

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